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Sometimes trying to find a DJ for New Year's Eve  is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Music Inc. is usually booked a year in advance for this night but have since acquired another system. Every year tux's are worn, party favors given out and a good time is had by all.  So Let Music Inc. Dance You Into The New Year. So If You Are Looking For An Experienced, Professional, Fun DJ, Give Us A Call Or Go To Pricing Right Now.




Whether it's a Holiday Party, Company Picnic, or a Year End Celebration your employees have worked hard and deserve to celebrate at their corporate event. Be sure to choose an entertainment company that reflects the professionalism and commitment to excellence that your company does.

Always properly dressed, on time, and willing to go the extra mile is Music Inc. a mobile Disc Jockey service. With a selection of music ranging from golden oldies to today's top 40 you can be sure that we have something for everyone. Our sound system is top of the line and looks and sounds great. Requests are gladly taken and your guests are treated in a courteous customer first fashion. Lighting, special effects and party props are available.

 If your guests are a more elegant and reserved group we can tailor a DJ entertainment program to suit that. If you know ahead of time that you have a wild and rambunctious group then we are prepared to party all night long right beside you. Or if you are looking for a master of ceremonies to handle introductions, awards presentations, or raffle giveaways Music Inc. is your DJ. So if your looking for an experienced, professional, fun DJ, give us a call or go to pricing right now.


Want to throw a surprise Birthday Party or maybe you want to plan one for yourself, Music Inc. can help. With our online party planners, you can sit back , relax and let us host the party.  Want to throw the party of year and be the envy of all your friends contact Music Inc. for your next birthday. Just Give Us A Call Or Go To Pricing Right Now.



Music Inc. has been playing Bar and Clubs for the last 25 years and understands the demands of keeping up to date music and what works in particular clubs that don't work in others. Music Inc's goal is to make the bar or club money but at the same time make the crowd happy. Music Inc. knows that if you keep your patrons dancing all night,  they are not ordering drinks, which in turn does not make the bar or club money. Music Inc. knows when to time the slow songs and how to build them back up so they are thirsty again and the club owners are happy.  Music Inc. also understands the laws that bar owners have to uphold to keep their licenses and will assist if needed, in being an extra set of eyes in the sky and alert management when needed. We always make sure that the patrons know who their bartenders and wait staff are and suggest tipping frequently during the night. Like I said we have been doing clubs for the last 14 years and if your looking for experience and someone who cares about your business and your repeat business, call Music Inc. We Do Offer Discounted Prices To Business Owners And If There Are Repeat Performances, We Offer Even Better Discounts.  Give Us A Call Or Go To Pricing Right Now.


Anniversaries are among the most "special" of special events. They mark points in time that cause us to reflect on the joy of friends, families, and loved ones. Music Inc. a professional disc jockey service is honored to be able to share in these events with you. Through our music and entertainment services we will create a memory for you to cherish always.

Many couples enjoy honoring the day they were married with a party, even as early as their fifth anniversary. Family, close friends, members of the wedding party and church members are generally among those invited. Depending on the size and formality of the occasion, the celebrations may be held at home, at a restaurant, club, church, home of a friend or family member, or any other venue the pair enjoys.

When a couple reaches their silver (25th) or golden (50th) anniversary, the pair may wish to hold a larger or more dignified and formal affair. Although a couple can organize the event themselves, it is more commonly hosted by friends, grown children, or other family members who recognize the couple's dedication and commitment to one another.

Anniversaries are considered movable celebrations. If you are planning a party for yourself or someone else, it isn't necessary to hold the event on the exact wedding anniversary date. It is perfectly acceptable to hold it the following weekend. Even a party several weeks after the actual date has passed is acceptable, especially if it is more convenient for the honorees.

There is a traditional gift/theme and modern suggestions for every wedding anniversary, based on the number of years a couple has been married. Although there has been some revision and updating, experts generally agree on the traditional symbols for wedding anniversaries. Their modern counterparts were devised for those seeking a fresh alternative to the conventional icons. The symbols, traditional or modern, may help hosts choose a theme for the couple's anniversary party and can aid guests in choosing appropriate gifts.

Below we have included a list of the traditional and modern gift/themes to assist you in the planning of your event. 

1st Paper, Clocks
2nd Cotton, China
3rd Leather, Crystal, Glass
4th Books, Electrical Appliance
5th Wood, Silverware
6th Sugar, Candy, Wood
7th Wool, Copper, Desk Sets
8th Bronze, Pottery Linens, Lace
9th Pottery, Leather
10th Tin, Aluminum, Diamond,Jewelry
11th Steel, Fashion Jewelry
12th Silk, Linen, Pearls
13th Lace, Textiles, Furs
14th Ivory, Gold, Jewelry
15th Crystal, Watches
20th China, Platinum
25th Silver, Silver
30th Pearl, Diamond
35th Coral, Jade
40th Ruby, Ruby
45th Sapphire, Sapphire
50th Gold, Gold
55th Emerald, Emerald
60th Diamond, Diamond
75th Diamond, Diamond





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