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 "Have you ever heard the horror stories about the DJ that arrived to the party late, talked to much, and didn't even play a special request?  It seems that we hear endless stories of these occurrences.  This is why Music Inc. Nebraska's Best Kept Secret!,  a professional disc jockey service makes it a point to address all concerns that our clients may have."

     We start by providing the online, phone, or person to person booking.  You are then issued a password to enter the client area  and organize your night or you can have a planning form sent to your address.  You can email or phone any questions or concerns.  Once the DJ receives your planner they make sure that everything that applies to your event is filled out or has been discussed.  When it comes to the music, it is safe to say that now a days most DJ's carry a wide variety of music but some carry more types of variety than others.  The music library  is a great way to let the DJ know what your style or type of variety is.  Although most types are generally played.  We also will want to know if there are any songs that you don't want played.  This is your night and you have complete control.  From there we wait and wait and wait.  Ok, the day is here.  Music Inc. will be there and set up at what ever time was arranged.  Music Inc. will have all special music requested with them and will follow the planner as discussed or set by the contracting party.
   Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? It is a lot of information to take in at once.  We will try and make the whole process go as smooth as possible.                                                                       
  So please check out our event planners.  We have planners for every occasion, weddings, schools, parties and corporate.

DJs In Nebraska

Of the dozens and potentially hundreds of DJs in Nebraska, why should you choose Music Inc.? Every company boasts and brags about their service, making it hard for event planners to decide on a DJ. We've tried to sum up the advantages of working with Music Inc. in the hopes that it might make the planning process easier on you.

Reason #1; We are a husband and wife team that work for ourselves. We know that every event we book could build or break our reputation. We give 150 percent to each of our clients, starting even before you sign a contract. We believe that success comes in the small details, and we strive for perfection at every event.

How Are We Different than Other DJs in Nebraska?
Reason #2; Though we are a small company, we use that to our advantage. Our size means that we never risk overbooking or having to find a subcontractor (a common problem with other DJs in Nebraska). We believe we are the best at what we do and therefore would never hire someone to perform in our place.

Reason #3; We have made necessary investments in our company that have helped give us the advantage over other DJs in Nebraska. Our online planning technology helps us create flawless events. And we own our own state-of-the-art equipment, including lighting effects. However, these investments have not inflated our prices, as we offer very competitive rates and packages.

Nebraska Disc Jockeys

How can you evaluate Nebraska disc jockeys without seeing them in action? Booking a DJ for a special event such as a wedding is an important decision. Do you know what questions to ask? In our 25 years of experience, we have performed at countless weddings. We feel that the questions below are the most important things to consider when booking wedding music.

Questions to Ask before Booking Nebraska Disc Jockeys
Perhaps most important, ask if the DJ ever uses subcontractors. Some DJ services care more about the volume of events they book than the quality of service delivered. When you book an event through Music Inc., you can rest assured that we will personally attend your event and take responsibility for playing the music for you and your guests.

The planning process is extremely important. Every detail must be written down to ensure a smooth wedding reception. As experienced Nebraska disc jockeys, we ensure that our customers can help plan their reception by using our state-of-the-art online scheduling system. This helps us stay connected with the bride and groom. From our website, you can choose songs, set the order of the reception, and hear music samples that will help you create a memorable event.

The DJ you choose will be a representation of you and your spouse-to-be. Is the person articulate? Can he or she engage the crowd? Will the DJ make people want to dance? And finally, is there a list of references and past clients who would be willing to confirm the skill and talent of the DJ? As seasoned Nebraska disc jockeys, we stake our reputation on our ability and have a lengthy client list to prove it.


  • Hi, my name is BILL and my wife's name is CHRISTI.  We are the owner/operators. I started DJing when I was in high school and then joined the military a few years after that. While I was in Germany I started working for a company that ran the disc jockey's on several bases.  While I was working for this company I built their country nights up from 50 patrons to over 250 a night.  I was their #1 COUNTRY DJ at that time and opened for several country singers as a DJ,  such as DAVID ALLAN COLE, SHELLY WEST, HOLLY DUNN, JOHNNY PAYCHECK, MICHELLE WRIGHT, BELMANY BROTHERS.  I almost opened up for LITTLE TEXAS but I had to come back to the states. Also while I was there I was not only a solider and a DJ, I was the area supervisor over the DJ's.  Along with being well versed in country, I also knew how to play a variety show to the night clubs on base.  My wife and I came back to the states and decided to start our own business and have been doing so every since.  We have done everything from weddings, graduations, street dances, birthdays, corporate parties, schools, reunions, to "Let's just have a party".  I really love what I do and sometimes it's hard to believe that I get paid to do it.



DJs In Lincoln Nebraska

Searching for DJs in Lincoln, Nebraska? Whether you're planning a wedding, an anniversary party or a corporate function, Music Inc. will provide the talent and tunes to keep your guests on the dance floor. Don't let the stress of event planning get the best of you. Leave the music up to us.

First, tell us what you'd like to hear. From country to big band, Music Inc. has every genre of music on hand for your event. And, to help guarantee we play all your favorite music, you can log on to our secure client site and post requests--we promise to incorporate each of your suggestions throughout the evening.

What Makes Music Inc. Different from Other DJs in Lincoln, Nebraska?
While other DJs in Lincoln, Nebraska use conventional event planning techniques, Music Inc. more fully utilizes the Internet to help improve communication with our valued clients. Checking date availability, sampling music, and organizing the order of events is simple using the Music Inc. website. Our priority is to make the planning stage seamless and worry-free for our clients. And, with 30 years of experience in the music industry, we know exactly what it takes to engage and entertain your guests.

But don't believe us--hear it straight from our customers' mouths. The Reference section of our website includes the contact information and event type for clients of ours who volunteered to sing our praises. These folks were so pleased with our performance that they want to share it with you. Go ahead--call them, email them, and see for yourself why Music Inc. is Nebraska's best-kept entertainment secret.

DJs In Columbus Nebraska

If you're looking for DJs in Columbus, Nebraska, you've come to the right place. With more than 30 years of professional DJ experience, Music Inc. offers unique, affordable and entertaining disc jockey services. Whether you're planning a sweet sixteen party, a school dance or a New Year's Eve celebration, we can provide you with unparalleled entertainment.

Music and entertainment can leave your guests with wonderful memories, or it can leave a lot to be desired. With all the effort, planning and money you've invested in this event, the music should only make the party better. Our experience in the industry has taught us what works and what to avoid in a variety of events.

As you begin your research on DJs in Columbus, Nebraska, there are basic characteristics that will help make the booking process easier. The DJ you choose should be responsive to your needs. Calls should be returned promptly and the DJ should seem excited and cooperative throughout the process.

Pricing DJs in Columbus, Nebraska
Price is always a factor, so we encourage you to compare prices of several DJs in Columbus, Nebraska. Prices will vary, but ask the DJ to explain what you get for the package price. Check past references to see if the company delivered on their service promises. Ask if they showed up early for the event and accommodated any musical requests by the event attendees. These answers will help you determine if this DJ service is right for you.



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